BBC News Report March 27th 2014
On the 27th of March, our year 8 class took part in BBC News Report, for the day. We split into five teams, of which two went to the village, one was the editors, one was the main studio team and the other was the Roving day recorders.
When groups four and five went into the village, they interviewed many different people from: charity shops, the co-op, the hairdressers, the gym, the bakers and a couple more.
The news reports covered the MMU site, the Malaysia air crash, and the impact of wearable
All groups came back to school with a range of information covering all stories.
Team five did the Malaysia Air-crash and the majority of the people interviewed, spoke about how it was a tragic incident and more should have been done to prevent this and inform the families involved.
Team four did theirs on the MMU site and the general feedback was that more should be done to ensure this doesn’t remain as an empty site; this should be used for either houses or educational purposes however there was very mixed view. Team four also discussed the opinions on wearable technology, and found out that it would be very useful in the future, with the current increase in technology.
Team one worked in the studio, which included the producer, anchor people, video operator and the Autocue. They worked together to come up with suitable introductions to the News Report this included choosing the background colours, and introducing the groups.
Team two and three interviewed the teachers at school; this group included the presenter, the video operator, and the photographer, and then fed back the information to the editors.
The editors then compiled all of the information, photographs, and videos together to create the News
This was a very exciting day, and we all worked as a group to create our really creative News Report.
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